Body, Mind & Soul is divided into three courses. You can participate with one or two of the courses or with all three. A Body, Mind or Soul course consists of seven lessons.

The lessons will be located at :

Rivierenhof 12
9725 HA

Mind –  4 mrt, 11 mrt, 18 mrt, 25 mrt. 1 april, 6 april en 15 april  

Soul – 6 mei, 13 mei, 20 mei, 27 mei, 3 juni, 17 juni en 24 juni.

Time– 11:00 – 12:30 hour.

Course price:

125, – euro for 7 lessons For people who have a little less to spend: 100 euros for 7 lessons For people with small income and students: 80, – euro for 7 lessons.
Assignment via: Rosa: 06-47088522

Course Body

Do you have trouble listening to your body? Are you often in your head? Does your body feel stiff or cramped now and again? Or would you like to be a bit fitter and more vital? In the course Body attention is given to your body. You learn what your body has to tell you. Which signals your body gives and how you can listen to it better. Every lesson we pay attention to your body from mindfulness, breathing, self-massage and body-oriented exercises. Which will make your life energy flow better and you will feel more relaxed, fitter and more free.

Course Mind

Do you suffer from worry’s? Do you sometimes have a headache of thinking? Do you have memories that disturb you and that you always think back to? Are your thoughts sometimes in your way? In the course, we focus on changing your thoughts and clearing your head. Positive thoughts give us more energy than negative thoughts and that is noticeable in our body. In a playful way we will use NLP exercises and coaching techniques to see how our mind works, whether we can let go of old patterns and how we can make the power of our own imagination work more in our flow. After this course your head is calmer and more relaxed.

Course Soul

Do you sometimes forget to make real contact with yourself? Do you sometimes make decisions that do not actually help you on your life path? Do you not know exactly what you are doing here on earth and what inner strengths and talents you have at your disposal? Do you not know exactly what you are blocking to take certain steps? In this course we will look at what is going on at an unconscious level. We will experience and experience what is happening in us at a deeper level. We do this in a safe environment. In this course, use is made of visualization, body-oriented exercises, connection exercises and (shamanistic) meditation techniques. After this course you are more balanced and you better listen to your heart to make the right choices on your life path.